Oh my, How Time Flies…

Cliché as it is, I know time flies. Last night, just as I had tucked myself in bed, lights out, eyes closed, it happened. There was a loud BANG! Then CLANG, and finally the sound of breaking glass. What! Lights on via the remote control from my techie son, slipped into my slippers and crept into the living room. There it was: the injured remains of an attempt at time flying. Apparently, the 29” farm-style clock with a white distressed finish had enough of “stay-at-home” orders. It decided to leap from the wall and fly off into the moon glow of the night. Unfortunately, it tripped over two bottles of wine: one, my favorite, a 2017 Siduri Pinot Noir, and the other a lesser red wine, but wine none the less. I confess, I was a bit angry with the clock. Though it lay there crippled with its hands clutching its bashed face and broken glass scattered, I was more concerned at the fatality of the wine. THE WINE! We are in a monumental, historic time of global crisis with limited trips to the stores and the clock took out not one, but two soldiers of contemplation. Time I’m not concerned about; as of late it seems to drone on, but the wine, oh the wine, it is a commodity not to be wasted!

Plugging in the vacuum, I cried, and then it began to wail. “This sucks,” it moaned. And it did. And it does. But here we are with the hands of time going in circles, the shards glass glistening and the red tears of Pinot Noir puddled around us. Ironic that we all have needed time. We needed rest. We needed things to slow down. And it has. Now so many of us are saying, “hurry up; let’s get this over.” And it will be over. In the meanwhile, my advice is to watch your time…it’s taking flight.

2 thoughts on “Oh my, How Time Flies…”

    1. Considering I typically buy cheap wine and this bottle was not so cheap, it is a tragedy! It cost more than the clock.

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